Pittsburgh Annulment Lawyer

When you have reason to believe that your marriage is not legal, you can work with an experienced annulment lawyer in Pittsburgh for assistance in declaring your marriage void.

There are several different reasons why you might want to look into an annulment, but the state of Pennsylvania only grants annulments under very specific circumstance. If you are able to have your marriage annulled, it will be as if your marriage never happened. This is different from a divorce, which ends a legally recognized marriage, as annulled nuptials were never legal in the first place.

Proving to the court that an annulment is necessary can be a challenge, but when you have an esteemed Pittsburgh annulment lawyer at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. representing your case, you will have an increased chance of having your marriage annulled than if you attempted to obtain an annulment on your own.

Continue reading to learn more about what criteria need to be met in order to have your marriage annulled and whether a religious annulment is enough to have your marriage be considered nonbinding.

The Grounds for Obtaining an Annulment in PA

Pittsburgh residents seeking an annulment are more common than you might think. However, the state will only approve an annulment if the situation warrants it. There are many different types of marriages that can be voided, but each has one key point in common: one spouse was unable to give informed, legal consent for the marriage.

For example, if you are looking into having a marriage annulled after discovering that you are a blood relative of your spouse, then you could be granted an annulment, as incestual marriages are illegal in Pennsylvania.

Or, if either spouse was under the age of sixteen and did not have parental consent to be married, this marriage could also be considered illegal. Some other circumstances under which a marriage can be annulled include:

  • One spouse was diagnosed as incurably insane.
  • The marriage was entered into under coercion or by force.
  • One spouse was impotent, and the marriage could not be consummated.
  • One spouse was already married.
  • Either spouse was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.

Are Religious Annulments Legal?

Religion-based annulments are often sought by individuals through their religious organization. If granted, it gives both spouses the opportunity to remarry. However, these types of religious annulments are not legal, and the only way for you to be able to remarry under Pennsylvania law is to obtain an annulment through the court or to divorce from your spouse.

Contact an Annulment Attorney in Pittsburgh

Having your marriage annulled is a burdensome but necessary task if you believe that your marriage is not legally binding. A Pittsburgh annulment lawyer at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. can help you obtain the annulment you need if you are interested in remarrying or simply putting your void marriage in the past.

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