Pennsylvania Domestic Partnership Agreements

A Domestic Partnership Agreement, also known as a Cohabitation Agreement, is a form of legal agreement reached between a couple who have chosen to live together (cohabitate) but are not married. It establishes each party’s legal rights and responsibilities. For example, the domestic partnership agreement may outline each party’s responsibilities with respect to financial expenses associated with living with one another. It may also specify each party’s responsibility for his or her individual debt.

A cohabitation agreement may be entered into as a precaution to protect each party from the cost and stress associated with litigation in the event the partners decide that they no longer wish to live together in the future. A domestic partnership agreement allows both parties to regulate their property and designate what will happen to the property in the future. Cohabitation agreements also permit both parties to make arrangements regarding specific assets that they acquired before deciding to live together and/or assets that they anticipate they will acquire during the period of their cohabitation.

Perhaps most importantly, domestic partnership agreements allow each party to set forth their agreement regarding child related and parenting issues. These agreements are legally binding on both parties regarding financial issues. However, custody of children and their welfare is always subject to review by the court system so that a written agreement regarding custody may be reviewed or changed by the courts if circumstances or the needs of the minor children have changed since the agreement was written. Our Pennsylvania attorneys are experienced in negotiating and drafting cohabitation agreements to handle these situations and others that may arise.

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