Individual Rights In Florida

With approximately fifty percent of all marriages ending in divorce and more than half of all children residing in single parent families, family law issues impact more individuals than probably any other area of the law. Our Miami divorce attorneys assist clients in all aspects of the law relating to the needs of today’s engaged, separated, divorced, single parent and same sex families, including:


Whether you are in the process of filing for divorce, are considering a divorce, or are currently in the middle of Florida divorce proceedings, our Miami divorce lawyers can provide you with the advice and help you may need on what is often a complicated and difficult time in your life.

Property Division

During a South Florida divorce, the couple’s property is going to be divided. So whether your Miami divorce is headed for trial or you would like to settle your issues via a Florida Marital Settlement Agreement, we can provide you with guidance on how your property will likely be divided under Florida law.

Child Support and Alimony

A Miami divorce is very much centered on money. If you have children, the issue of child support is a central part of the your case. Even if there are no minor children, spousal support is an issue that regularly comes up for our Miami divorce clients.Our attorneys have a great amount of experience handling cases that involve both Miami child support and South Florida alimony.

Child Custody

Many of our Dade County divorce clients have one main concern during their divorce: their children. They want to make sure that they will still get to spend quality time with their kids and not have to be fighting with their ex for Florida time-sharing. If you want information on the current Florida child custody laws, our Miami time-sharing attorneys can provide you with the advice and support you need.

Marital Agreements

Whether you are recently engaged, about to be married, or already married, you may want to consider a Florida Marital Agreement. Our Miami marital agreement attorneys can assist you in drafting a FL prenup or postnup that will help protect you in the case of divorce.

Same-Sex Couples

If you are in a Miami same-sex relationship and want to make sure your relationship is as protected as possible under Florida law, come talk to our South Florida same-sex couples lawyers. Whether you are seeking to enter into a domestic partnership or co-habitation agreement, our Miami LGBT rights lawyers can help you.

Assisted Reproduction

If you are considering expanding your family via assisted reproduction or surrogacy, you may want to consider entering into an agreement in order to protect your new family. Contact our Miami assisted reproduction attorneys to learn how.


If you are considering a Florida adoption as a way to expand your family, the Miami adoption lawyers at our firm have the experience to help guide you through the often complicated process of a South Florida adoption.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you want to avoid litigation and prefer to settle your case via mediation or collaborative family law, our Miami mediation attorneys will provide you with a plan and help you settle your issues without having to go to court.

Parental Rights

Whether you are a South Florida mother or father, or a Miami “abuelo”, our Miami family lawyers can help inform you of the rights you have under Florida family law.

Domestic Violence

Are you or someone you know a victim of domestic violence? Are you wondering how to go about protecting yourself or your loved oen from their abuser? If so, contact our South Florida domestic violence attorneys so we can provide you with all the information you need.

Miami-Dade Family Law Cases

Whether your case has just been filed, you are appealing a result, or are in court to modify an existing order, our Miami Family Lawyers can provide you with the advice and representation you need during any step of your South Florida family law case.

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