What Makes Our Florida Practice Different?

Why We_re Different

There are a number of things that may make the law offices of Vari & Associates, LLC, different from other Florida divorce law firms including:

  • A focus on family law. The entire focus of our Florida law office is family law cases, including divorce, support, custody and related issues. While each case and every family is different, our Florida divorce lawyers’ dedication to the area of family law means we understand the individual nuances of the law and have likely handled a case with similar legal issues to yours before.
  • Our legal fees are competitive. Our Miami divorce law office strives to provide outstanding representation in Florida family law cases at a fair price. Our Florida family law attorneys’ hourly rates are some of the most competitive rates in the legal market when considering our backgrounds and training. We also always give our clients a cost-benefit analysis for the various options in their family law case and allow the client to decide how they best want to proceed in the case given the costs. Additionally, our South Florida divorce attorneys give our family law clients the opportunity to do some of the background work that allows the client to save money on legal fees. Our Miami law office utilizes computerized billing software that provides up-to-date detailed records that are provided to the clients regarding the work performed by our Florida family lawyers and the amounts charged for their services. For ways for you to help our team, click here.
  • We are focused on what’s in the children’s best interests. We don’t use advertising gimmicks that indicate we solely represent men’s rights or women’s rights in order to attract business. Neither party wins when a relationship ends; it is our job to attempt to minimize the financial and emotional damage that occurs during a divorce or other break up. Our Miami family law lawyers are especially committed to minimizing the emotional damage to the children of broken relationships and seek to always advocate for the children’s best interests, both emotionally and financially.
  • We fight for our clients! Our Miami family law attorneys include a team of experienced trial lawyers. We believe that too many lawyers are afraid of a courtroom battle and will settle for an offer made by the other side rather than face a trial. Not us! Sometimes justice for a client and their children can only be had by taking a matter to trial. Our family law lawyers have handled over 600 trials and are prepared do what’s best for our clients.
  • Our clients have a choice. Our clients have the opportunity to select the legal process that best suits their needs. While our Dade County family law attorneys are experienced litigators, we are also equally skilled at resolving our clients’ issues through mediation and the collaborative family law process.
  • We are accessible to our clients. Our Florida family law firm is accessible to answer your questions by telephone, e-mail or appointments in our Miami family law office or other meeting locations throughout Dade and Broward Counties. We also have the capability to meet with clients virtually, via Skype internet video chat.
  • We utilize the latest technology. Our family law office utilizes the latest computer technology in managing clients’ ongoing family law cases and in communicating with clients. Many of our clients elect to communicate with our office by e-mail for immediate copies of any documents drafted by our office or received from the opposing party, as well as other routine communication between our attorneys and the clients. Whether by e-mail or otherwise, our clients are kept fully aware of the progress of their case.

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If you are experiencing a separation, divorce or other family law issue, call our Florida law firm today at 305-755-4780, toll free at 1-844-VARI-LAW (1-844-827-4529), or e-mail us to schedule an appointment. Consultations are available in person at our downtown Miami law office and at several meeting locations throughout Dade and Broward Counties including Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, Galiano Street in Coral Gables, West Country Club Drive in Aventura, Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood and in the Homestead area. Appointments are also available by telephone and via Skype internet video chat.