Florida Child Custody & Timesharing

The Florida legislators made dramatic changes with the enactment of a new custody statute on October 1, 2008. The new Florida custody statute removed the words “custody” and “visitation” from Florida law and replaced with the words “access and contact.” The new Florida custody laws also created shared parental responsibility, requiring in most cases that all major decisions be made jointly by the parents of minor children.

In addition to parental responsibility for decision making, the Florida family court also establishes a parenting plan that sets forth each parent’s schedule with the minor children. Within the parenting plan, there is a time-sharing schedule that has replaced “visitation” and the later terminology of “access and contact.” Generally, there is not a primary residence designation, but instead, the parenting plan sets forth parental responsibility (decision making rights), time-sharing arrangements and child support under the Florida child support guidelines.

There are no presumptions in the Florida child custody statute about what amount of time either parent should spend with the children. Instead, the parenting plan allows for the creation of a schedule that works for the best interests of the minor children. A parenting plan created by the parents through cooperation or mediation generally results in a plan that is much more thorough in considering the individual needs of the particular minor children.

Contested Florida Child Custody Cases

If the parents in a Florida child custody case are unable to reach an agreement regarding child custody, the family court judge deciding the case may appoint a Guardian ad Litem for the child or may order a psychological evaluation of the parents and/or children. Acustody evaluation by a guardian ad litem is a process in which an attorney, mental health, or other professional interviews the parents and minor children and speaks with other individuals with significant sources of information (i.e., teachers, coaches, treating physicians) in order to make a recommendation to the court. Courts tend to give considerable weight to the recommendations of the Guardian ad Litem.

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