Prenuptial Agreement in PA

Prior to your marriage in Pennsylvania, you may be considering asking your soon-to-be spouse to enter into a prenuptial agreement with you. Or perhaps your partner has asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement, and you have little information about what a prenup is.

To begin, a prenuptial agreement, premarital agreement, or antenuptial agreement, as it is variously called, is essentially a legal contract that discusses how your marital property, debts, and assets will be divided if your marriage comes to an end, as well as whether or not one spouse will be paying or receiving spousal support.

Continue reading to learn more about why one spouse may be interested in implementing a prenuptial agreement, and how having one can actually be a benefit to your marriage.

Why One Spouse Might Want a Prenup

In most cases, one future spouse is interested in developing a prenuptial agreement when they have assets that they want to ensure are protected in the event of a divorce.

This could be an inheritance, a business, or any other asset that they want to make sure is not part of the equitable distribution process should your marriage irretrievably break down. In addition, one spouse may want to protect themselves from being responsible for excessive debts that their future spouse has incurred, such as credit card debts or student loans.

The Benefit to Your Marriage of a Prenup

Despite the fact that many engaged couples cringe at the thought of having a prenuptial agreement in place, these documents can be quite beneficial for a modern married couple in Pennsylvania.

Neither spouse will need to worry about the aftermath of a divorce, as many of the details that you would need to work out will already be addressed in your prenup. This will allow you and your spouse to enjoy married life without concerns regarding what will happen if you eventually decide to part ways. It will also make your Pennsylvania divorce go faster and more expediently, if it comes to that.

Consult with a PA Prenup Lawyer

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