Pennsylvania Annulment Lawyer

If you believe that your marriage is invalid, you may be able to avoid the divorce process if you reach out to a qualified Pennsylvania annulment attorney as soon as possible.

There are any number of reasons why someone might be interested in having their marriage annulled. An annulment typically takes far less time than the divorce process does, and you generally do not have to worry about the division of property and assets or alimony as your marriage will be considered null and void if the court system grants your annulment request.

At Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C., we are dedicated to assisting those who are interested in ending an invalid marriage obtain the annulment they deserve. With a Pennsylvania annulment lawyer from our firm by your side, you can be sure that we will determine whether you meet the grounds for an annulment and ensure that you are not taken advantage of throughout the annulment process.

Are Religious Annulments Legal in Pennsylvania?

Many individuals are under the impression that they do not necessarily have to head to court if they want to have their marriage annulled. Unfortunately, this is not the case, as annulments granted through places of worship or other religion-based services are not legal.

The only way that you will be able to officially have your marriage declared void is through the court system. Failure to obtain your annulment legally will result in the inability to remarry until your marriage is annulled or until you obtain a divorce.

Grounds for an Annulment in PA

You may be under the impression that obtaining an annulment will be fairly simple; however, annulments are only granted in very specific circumstances. This is because when your marriage is annulled, it is as if the marriage never existed in the first place, whereas when you divorce, the marriage has effectively ended.

Pennsylvania law allows individuals to have their marriage annulled when either spouse was forced or coerced into the marriage, if either spouse was already married at the time of the wedding, if either spouse is not physically or mentally capable of giving their consent, or if the couple are blood relatives.

It is also possible to obtain a marriage annulment if one spouse is under the age of consent, which is sixteen in PA, if the parents of an underage spouse have not given their consent for the marriage; if either spouse was inebriated at the time of the marriage; or if one spouse is determined to be incurably impotent without the knowledge of the other spouse when the couple married.

These are just a few of the instances under which you can have your marriage annulled, and if you have further questions about whether you meet the criteria necessary for a Pennsylvania marriage annulment, you can speak with your attorney.  

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