Mother’s Rights in PA

As a mother, you love your child more than anyone else in this world, but when you and their other parent have chosen to go your separate ways, things can become messy, particularly if you are unable to come to an agreement regarding custody and visitation plans moving forward.

Fortunately, no matter how difficult your former partner may make it, as your child’s mother, you have rights. Continue reading to learn more about what these rights are in Pennsylvania and what we can do if anyone interferes with them.

Know Your Rights as a Mother

Although you and your child’s other parent may not agree on custody and parenting plans, one thing is certain: You have the right to quality time with your child. Unless it is established that your child’s being around you is not in their best interest, you do not have to be worried about your child being taken away.

Hopefully, we can work with your child’s other parent to come to a parenting plan that works, whether that be a joint custody arrangement or a set visitation schedule. This way, the decision does not have to be taken out of your hands and be made by the court system.

More often than not, mothers will become the custodial parent while the father becomes the noncustodial parent. This means your children will live with you and have visitation with their father. However, this arrangement does not always work for everyone, and you have the right to formulate whatever plan will work best for your child and your family.

Enforcing Your Rights as a Mother

If at any point after your rights have been established someone tries to interfere with these rights or with your custody plan, we will do whatever we can to remedy the situation. This can include filing a complaint in court and even pressing criminal charges if it comes down to it. Your rights are clear, and under no circumstances should you tolerate them being diminished.

Consult with a PA Child Custody Lawyer

When you need assistance enforcing your rights as a mother but you are unsure where to turn, reach out to a highly trained PA child custody lawyer at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C. You can schedule your initial consultation today by calling our office at 1-844-VARI-LAW (827-4529) or by filling out the quick contact form we have provided at the bottom of this page.