Adoption Laws in PA

Whether you’ve been unable to conceive children of your own or are interested in helping a child without a family find the home they’ve only dreamed of, adoption is a great opportunity for those looking to open up their homes and hearts to children in need.

If you are adopting within the state of Pennsylvania, you need to make sure that you are aware of the laws regarding adoption so that you are well prepared for what’s to come. Read on to learn more about the requirements for adoption in PA and the steps you need to take to finalize your adoption before you can complete your family.

Starting Your Adoption Process

First and foremost, you will need to file your report of intention to adopt. This form will contain information about you and your family, the child you are going to be adopting, your intermediary (the person connecting you to your future child), and the birth parents of the child you’ll be adopting.

It’s worth noting that you do not need to file this report if you will be adopting a stepchild or another child who is your blood relative. If you are using an intermediary, you’ll need to file a separate report that includes information about the intermediary, the termination of the birth parents’ parental rights, financial transactions regarding the adoption, the the medical history of the child.

Finalizing Your Adoption

Once your petition has been filed, the courts will review your case and make sure that you are part of a responsible, caring family that is prepared to adopt.

They will also need to make sure that the birth parents’ parental rights have been terminated, whether that be voluntarily or involuntarily. For families who are adopting a newborn from a birth mother, there will be a 72-hour waiting period in which the birth mother will have the opportunity to reconsider her choice to put her baby up for adoption.

When all of your paperwork checks out and the birth parents’ parental rights have been effectively terminated, your adoption will be finalized and you’ll officially be the parents of your adoptive child.

Speak with a PA Adoption Lawyer

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