What should I do if served with a PA divorce complaint?

Generally speaking, PA divorce complaints are served upon the defendant in a divorce action by the post office delivering a certified mail letter and requesting the defendant to sign the green certificate of service or by regular mail accompanied by an Acceptance of Service form to be signed and returned to the attorney for the plaintiff. In either case, signing the certified mail form or completing the Affidavit of Service generally only signifies that the defendant has received a copy of the Divorce Complaint, not that the defendant agrees with the statements in the Divorce Complaint or wishes to be divorced. If the defendant is represented by an attorney, the defendant’s attorney can accept service of the Divorce Complaint on behalf of the defendant.

If you are served with a Pennsylvania divorce complaint, you should immediately contact a Pennsylvania divorce attorney. If you do not respond to the Pennsylvania divorce complaint, a divorce decree may be entered even without your consent and your legal rights including the right to support or division of marital assets and debts may be waived.