Can I get divorced without a lawyer in Pennsylvania?

It is not advisable for any person to complete paperwork to file a PA Divorce Complaint without having a detailed consultation beforehand with an attorney to discuss the ramifications of such action. There are companies and even law firms that offer low-cost paperwork for a person to file their own Divorce Complaint. Once again, this is not advisable since a spouse may lose certain rights if the Complaint does not raise all claims between the parties.

Furthermore, for some spouses it is not advisable to be the filing party of a divorce action because doing so may limit certain defenses to the payment of PA spousal support or, if the filing spouse is the lower wage earning spouse, filing a Divorce Complaint may limit the length of time that the dependent spouse may collect certain forms of support. The strategy behind whether or not it is appropriate to file a Divorce Complaint generally can only be understood after a consultation with a family law attorney. Do not simply tell an attorney you want to file for divorce. Ask questions first of whether this would be in your legal best interests.

Additionally, the resolution of a divorce will be more likely to be faster and more durable if a knowledgeable PA divorce attorney is involved. Whether your divorce goes to trial or ends in settlement, your attorney will have the knowledge to form a strategy to protect your interests.

Contact our Pittsburgh divorce lawyers to schedule a consultation with our attorneys prior to vacating the marital home or moving away from the residence that your children occupy and also after you have been served with any type of family law action that is filed by the other party. Once again, important legal rights may be adversely impacted if you do not take immediate action.

If you cannot financially afford to pay for a consultation, we suggest that you review the information in this website to obtain a general understanding of family law topics and contact the Legal Aid Society located in your county to determine if you are eligible for free services.