Do I need a lawyer for a Property Settlement Agreement in PA?

Yes, you should retain an experienced Pennsylvania family law attorney to draft your Allegheny County property settlement agreement. Like any other contract, a property settlement agreement will generally be enforced by the court as it is written. Therefore, it is extremely important that the language in the contract properly reflects your agreement and protects your rights.

For example if an agreement is executed that omits an asset erroneously , your claim to that asset may be waived by the time you discover the omission. An experienced family law attorney can draft a property settlement agreement with your best interest in mind and can utilize discovery tools to determine whether any additional property exists to which you may have a claim.

You should also be aware that one attorney cannot represent both parties in drafting a property settlement agreement. Pennsylvania Ethics Rules prohibit one attorney from representing multiple parties when their interests are in conflict. While you may think that you and your spouse have an ironclad agreement and you may be looking to save money now, it could end up costing you a lot later. Before signing any binding property settlement agreement, you should consult with an experienced family law attorney who is looking out for your best interest to draft the property settlement agreement, review all provisions, and explain the effects of each provision in the agreement.

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