Pennsylvania Child Support Offices

Domestic Relations Offices in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Child Support offices are also known as Domestic Relations Offices in PA.  Child support conferences and hearings in PA (depending on the county) usually occur within the Domestic Relations Section of the Family Court Division of the Court of Common Pleas. The Domestic Relations sections are usually located somewhere within or very near to the Family Court building, and are staffed by employees, called Domestic Relations Officers (or DROs),  who meet with you and your Pennsylvania child support lawyer to determine an interim Order for child support. The Allegheny County Domestic Relations section is located within the Family Division Courthouse on the fourth floor.

The child support conference or hearing will take place in the Child Support Office, at which the parties and their PA child support attorneys will present evidence of income and varied expenses, which will lead to the determination of a child support award based upon the PA Child Support Guidelines. Pennsylvania child support is determined based upon these statutory guidelines taking into account the income levels of both parties. At the child support conference and/or hearing, the Domestic Relations Officer may also allow certain deviations to be applied away from the guidelines. One of the common reasons for deviation is based on shared custody, in which the parent who owes child support but who has physical custody of the child at least 40% of the overnights in a calendar year may argue for a downward deviation in their child support obligation.

If you or the opposing party are unhappy with the child support award issued at Domestic Relations, there is a right of appeal, which could end up in front of a Family Court Judge in the Court Common Pleas.

The locations, addresses, and contact information for all county Domestic Relations Sections in Pennsylvania may be found at this website.

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