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Pennsylvania has a special formula for determining child support for high income individuals. The formula applies when parents’ combined net, after tax monthly income is above $30,000. The formula is a new law in Pennsylvania and effectively overruled the case of Melzer v. Witsberger, which formerly dictated that high income child support cases in Pennsylvania were determined based the reasonable needs of the children. The new rule is intended to streamline the process for high income individuals and also to bring all child support cases under the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines and treat similarly situated parties and children similarly.

Although the child support guidelines are the basis for determining the amount of Pennsylvania child support, the court may also consider other factors in determining child support in a given case. There is a rebuttable presumption that the guideline amount of support is correct, however, this presumption may be rebutted by a showing that the amount of the award is unjust or inappropriate given the circumstances of the parties and their children.

Specifically, the court will consider certain child support deviation factors in deciding whether to deviate from the amount of support determined by the guidelines. These include:

  • The unusual needs and unusual fixed obligations of the parties;
  • Other support obligations of the parties;
  • Other income in the household;
  • Ages of the Children;
  • The relative assets and liabilities of the parties;
  • Medical expenses not covered by insurance;
  • Standard of living of the parties and their Children.

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The lawyers at Lisa Marie Vari & Associates, P.C., are uniquely situated to handle high income child support cases. Our Pittsburgh support lawyers’ three decades of experience, sole focus on family law and an accountant on staff means that we are experienced in handling all aspects of high income child support cases. In fact, we have assisted many Pennsylvania family law clients with high income child support cases including cases involving self-employed business owners, professional athletes, individuals with professional degrees such as physicians and lawyers, and other high income situations.

In appropriate situations, our Pittsburgh child support lawyers have employed techniques such as the hiring of forensic accountants to analyze the income of a high income parent in a child support case. Our Allegheny County child support attorneys have also employed vocational experts when we believe a spouse or parent in a child support case is underemployed or unemployed for PA spousal or child support calculation purposes.  Click here to learn other reasons our Pittsburgh support law firm may be different from other Pittsburgh family law firms.

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