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Even though parents are permitted to directly adopt from many foreign countries, many prospective adoptive parents choose to go through an agency. This is because it can be quite difficult and risky to navigate the adoption process in general, especially in a foreign country. International adoptions are essentially private legal matters between individuals (or couple) who wish to adopt, and a foreign court, that operates under that country’s laws and regulations. Parents considering international adoption should be advised that, in general, U.S. authorities cannot intervene on behalf of prospective parents with the courts in the country where the adoption takes place. Accordingly, agencies that specialize in international adoptions can be a valuable resource because they will provide assistance complying with the relevant immigration laws, as well as the laws of the foreign nation that parents wish to adopt from.According to U.S. immigration law, a parent seeking to adopt from another nation can be either be married or single, but must be over the age of 25. Additionally, the parents seeking to adopt internationally must submit a petition with the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS), as well as other documentation in order to proceed with the adoption. An advantage of international adoption is that much of the required paperwork can be completed before parents are even been matched with a child. In fact, prospective adoptive parents are encouraged to complete the before selecting a child to avoid delay in the adoption process.

An attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in international adoptions can be an invaluable resource to prospective parents attempting to navigate the process of international adoption.

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