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In independent adoptions in PA, it is common for the adoptive parents to form a relationship with the birth parents of the child that is to be adopted. A good relationship with the birth parents can make adoptive parents feel more secure that the adoption will be successful and not fall apart at the last minute.Advantages to Independent Adoptions in Pennsylvania:

  • Freedom: When working outside of an agency setting, adoptive parents and biological parents are free to meet and talk openly about the prospective adoption, often leading to an emotional bond between the parents.
  • Speed: Independent adoptions are typically finalized more quickly than agency adoptions because there are no waiting lists or waiting periods. Parents are free to determine the pace of the adoption as they deem appropriate for their situation.
  • Expense: Independent adoptions are generally much less expensive than adoptions completed through agencies, which can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $40,000 to complete the adoption process through a private agency. However, in some situations, adoptive parents in an independent adoption will still need to compensate the birth mother for medical expenses.

Disadvantages to Independent Adoptions in PA:

  • Counseling: Unlike agency adoptions, counseling is not readily provided during the adoption process.
  • Leg-work: Independent adoptions are a lot of work! Prospective adoptive parents often spend countless hours and significant funds in finding the right birth parents to work with.
  • Restrictions: Some states outright disallow independent adoptions. In Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts and North Dakota parents cannot enter into independent adoptions. However, adoptive parents who have already identified prospective birth parents in these states can enter into an agency-directed adoption to complete the process.

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