Pennsylvania Closed Adoption Lawyer

Although very rare in the United States today, some adoption agencies in Pennsylvania and elsewhere still provide closed adoption services. In a closed adoption the prospective adoptive family puts their name on a list and waits for the agency to make a match. The result is that the adoptive parents won’t know where their child came from, or who his or her birth parents are.In the case of some closed adoptions in Pennsylvania, the adoptive parents and birth parents may never meet or may only meet each other at the time of the adoption hearing; however, they do not stay in touch after the adoption takes place. Oftentimes in closed adoptions the adoptive family does not want the child to know who his or her birth parents are, especially before turning 18.

When adoptions are closed, the files are usually physically sealed. However, there are procedures through which family members seeking to “open” a closed adoption may be able to access information about the other parties. However, depending upon the county in which the adoption was finalized, a court order may be required to reveal information that can be used to identify a party to an adoption.

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